Membership & Affiliates

Members must be at least 21 years of age. We seek individuals and couples who wish to celebrate the culture of New Orleans, especially its culinary arts. For our membership, Lafcadio Hearn is iconic for celebrating both our city's cultural gifts, especially its cuisine, as well as satirizing its dysfunctional aspects, in particular: its taxes, frauds and maladministrations (his political cartoons were published in the newspaper and are compiled in a modern book). Members should also desire to support our charitable cause.

Our celebration includes New Orleans various cultural treasures: history, architecture (both buildings & landscapes), art, literature, music, and cuisine. We are working to cultivate affiliate relationships with the respective local cultural organizations, and their memberships. In addition to our original affiliate, the New Orleans Navy League, our affiliates now include:

We desire all new (local) members to be supporting members of either the Navy League or one of our cultural affiliates in order to become a member of the Krewe of Lafcadio. Existing Lafcadio members are grandfathered in.

We would like to add a limited number of additional affiliates. If you are a member of a local cultural organization that you believe would be a good match, please let us know.

As always, members are welcome to include their spouse or friend, and any out-of-town guests.