The parade uses the traditional mule-drawn mini floats. Our membership designs and decorates the floats. The creative experience is a very rewarding part of the carnival experience. It is a fun krewe experience if at least one member of each in-town couple helps work on our floats at least one Saturday afternoon prior to the parade. You don’t have to actually do much. If all you do is help paint something when asked, that is fine. Float work is generally on the Saturdays during Carnival season. Float work is usually scheduled for three or four of the Saturdays immediately prior to the parade, from 10am until 4pm, with the last Saturday held in reserve. Currently, we have the Title/Ducal float and the one royalty float. When we get enough new members, we may begin construction on additional mini-floats. After the parade, we may need a few members to help prepare the floats and their decorations for storage on the Saturday after the parade.