Costumes are required and can be most anything so long as it is in good taste. Marchers will supply their own costumes.

The costume can be simple (you can buy a chef’s jacket and toque inexpensively at Caire Hotel & Restaurant Supply, or online at but accessorize it with a celebratory or satirical twist. We seek opportunities for group costumes, like our perennial sous-chef brigade and our krewe de fromage.

If you need inspiration for your costume, try to think of a costume that is celebratory of local culture, in particular our culinary culture, or your particular cultural affiliate, or one that is satirical of some dysfunctional aspect of our local culture. Please seek local themes whether they be celebratory or satirical. The best costume concepts are often both local and cultural which are also the hardest hitting and the most exciting to the crowd.

Since a Mardi Gras parade is intended to be entertaining, political satire should be either bi-partisan or non-partisan (ridiculing some dysfunctional aspect of our culture). Political satire that attacks an as-yet-unindicted politician is too easily perceived as being partisan and therefore not in the Mardi Gras spirit of entertaining the Krewe and crowd. It is certainly in the spirit of Lafcadio to satirize a specific tax or fraud or maladministration.